Jail shell centos

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Install rssh and edit config:

1.) Secure root:
sudo yum install rssh

2.) Config RSSH
# /etc/rssh.conf
logfacility = LOG_USER


Rssh user creation:

3.) Create the sftp init script
Let’s call it /etc/init.d/sftpod. Just because. Make sure it is root owned, with octal mode 0755. Its contents follow.

# chkconfig: 35 60 25
# description: OpenSSH chrooted sftp only daemon
# Note that /usr/sbin/sftpod is simply a symlink to /usr/sbin/sshd;
# You are going to need to CREATE that symlink before using this script.


case “${1}” in

start  ) exec -a /usr/sbin/sftpod /usr/sbin/sshd -f /etc/ssh/sftpod_config
stop   ) kill -9 $(cat ${pidfile})
restart) ${0} stop
sleep 3
${0} start
*      ) echo “Usage: ${0} (start|stop|restart)”


exit 0

4.) Create the sftp config file

Let’s use the naming referred to in the init script, /etc/ssh/sftpod_config. Contents:

Port 9022
Protocol 2
AddressFamily inet

SyslogFacility AUTHPRIV
LogLevel INFO

PermitRootLogin no

RSAAuthentication no
PubkeyAuthentication no
RhostsRSAAuthentication no
HostbasedAuthentication no
PasswordAuthentication yes
PermitEmptyPasswords no
ChallengeResponseAuthentication no
KerberosAuthentication no
GSSAPIAuthentication no

UsePAM no

PidFile /var/run/sftpod.pid

ChrootDirectory /home/chrooted
Subsystem sftp internal-sftp

/home/chrooted owner must be root with right permissions I guess it was 755 or 750 otherwise you’ll get a restriction error!

Lock user from regular ssh:
In /etc/ssh/sshd_config
DenyUser xyz

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Kids for a Quid Freebie – Let your Kids Dine for only £1!

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A great freebie awaits you at Slugs and Lettuce every Sunday! Tag your kids along at Slugs and let your little ones enjoy the finest dishes for £1! Whenever you pay for a whole meal in full, Slugs can give you a discount at our 8’s menu and let your kids enjoy this one awesome treat with drinks!

However, Slugs and Lettuce is not open on Sundays on several of their London branches but your Sunday Kids for a Quid freebie will be available on our other branches. You can make reservations for the whole family to enjoy.

Sunday is always a fun day for the family at Slugs and Lettuce! After a day at the beach or at the park with your kids, get a taste of gastronomic heaven with our intricate selection of healthy and flavorful recipes and freebie packages for everyone. Dining with your family with the best dishes in town is a good way to begin your week!

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Benefits of an Email Newsletter Service from Topsend

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Today, the best way to market your business or service is through the Internet. Every online marketer is now ramping up new heights in fields such as SEO, social media and online newsletter service. Top Send’s quality email marketing strategies can help you increase your return of investment (ROI) and increase your product sales by just sending them email.

Just by getting your consumer’s email, you can now educate them of what services you offer and the benefits of your products and Top Send makes sure that it doesn’t wind up on the spam folders. What a newsletter service does is they market to your already-existing clients, informing them of new products and services. It is 12 times easier to do so than randomly sending emails around the web.

Through email newsletter services, you can inform your clients about events, coupons, discounts, newsletters and promotions that they can use. It extends a deeper relationship with your clients and it also keeps them posted on their accounts. It is inexpensive and an easy way to get them interested on what products you offer.

You can get results to as fast as 24 to 48 hours from your prospects and you can easily communicate with them instantly. This way, they can inquire more about your services and establish rapport between your company and your consumers with cost effective email newsletter service. Top Send can offer you the best newsletter service you can find around the web.

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How to Choose a Lace Wedding Dress Vintage Online

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Vintage weddings are now getting more and more attention ever since Kate Middleton wore a lace wedding dress vintage from Alexander McQueen. It set a whole new trend in wedding dress designs and concepts that even designers themselves are tracing their roots in 50’s and 70’s fashion. However, not all of us can afford Vera Wang or Versace wedding gowns. If you are on a tight budget, you could look into what the Internet can offer you when it comes to lace wedding dresses with vintage designs. Here are some tips on how to spot your vintage wedding dress:

1. Sizes changes all throughout time. For example, a size 8 woman can fit into a size 14 in the 50’s, so don’t assume all sizes are the same, especially for authentic wedding dresses vintage. Take your measurements accurately. Measure the following proportions of your body:

a. Hips
b. Waist
c. Bust
d. Hem
e. Inside sleeve
f. Arm Girth
g. Center back width

2. Vintage wedding dresses can be a little bit hard to alter to custom design because of materials used. Vintage gowns are sometimes made with a creamy shade of white in contrast to the bring white that modern day gowns have. Find a dress that doesn’t need major alterations that would suit your taste.

3. The test of time can be a little bit hard on lace wedding dresses with vintage designs. Because of long periods of storage or the number of times used, threads may become brittle and deteriorated. Ask your sellers about details regarding the dress.

4. Vintage wedding dresses need to be clean and presentable for the next users. Most sellers online clean their lace wedding gowns vintage before posting them online. If not indicated within the description, ask your seller when the last time the dress was washed.

5. One of the most important concerns about choosing a vintage wedding dress is your budget. Choose a dress that can be shipped nationwide or with free shipping. If you want to take your vintage theme to the next level, there are also available dresses with a complete set of accessories which you can definitely save on.

Your wedding dress is one of the most important things in your wedding. You can forget everything in it but never the bride’s dress, so it is really important to choose the right wedding outfit for the event. Lace wedding dress with Vintage design offer a dramatic yet very classy look which can be perfect for your wedding night.

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Types of Petite Evening Dresses Fit for You

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Being petite doesn’t mean you can’t wear the dresses that you want; it makes all the more reason to wear petite evening dresses! Whether for a cocktail event or for an evening out with friends, choosing the right petite evening dress is essential and more importantly, it’s another reason to shop! So to help you pick out the right outfit, here are some types of dresses fit for petite women:

1. Dresses with Defined Waistlines. For petite women, giving a sense of length on your outfit is important. A petite evening dress with defined waistlines enhances a woman’s frame and driving attention to the waistline, giving you the impression of longer legs.

2. Dresses with belts. Applying the concept of visual focal point on your waist line, dresses with matching belts also does the trick. Choose a belt that matches your outfit or your accessories. Don’t choose belts that are larger than 7.5 cm as it can give a sense of weight and can have a negative effect on your entire outfit.

3. Dresses with solid colors. Red, black, blue or anything with lesser prints can give you a more slender and sleek appearance. Larger prints on the other hand can minimize your stature and can draw too much attention.

4. Dresses with Texture on Fabric. If you want to be more stylish than bold colors, you can use petite evening dresses with texture. It can give you a full and dramatic appearance plus they are really edgy, especially for evening wear.

5. Shorter Dresses. Another element that makes you appear longer, shorter dresses exposes more of your legs, making you look taller. There are a myriad of skirt lengths that would suit the occasion, just make sure to wear longer skirts on official events and on business.

6. Dresses with bust-line details. If you have a little bit up-front, never be afraid to complement your look with a bust-line dress. It draws more attention on a petite woman’s upper body and a sense of proportion to make you look more feminine.

Another tip, petite women shouldn’t forget their high heels to give them a taller look. With the endless array of designs, patterns and fabric in the market, there is one outfit that would fit your style. You don’t have to shop at A-list stores to look for the best petite evening dress; all you need to do is put on your passion for fashion and a little bit of creativity.

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Some Facts about Health Insurance in Chicago

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Health insurance is a major issue in the United States. Here in Chicago, it is an even bigger issue considering the financial status of the city (sadly, we are on the verge of bankruptcy). To keep you informed here are some facts that you should know about health insurance Chicago:

1. Almost 1.8 million residents in Chicago are uninsured.

2. It is estimated that 486,000 residents will be covered by health insurance Chicago by 2014 and steadily growing to 1 million by 2016.

3. The government is willing to set up a website that will enable insurance applicants to apply online. Call centers are also planned to be set up to help individuals with their step-by-step insurance plans.

4. There are 209,000 small businesses in Illinois with less than 50 employees that offer health insurance in Chicago for their workers.

5. As of the moment there are 2.8 million residents that are insured under Medicaid ™ and by 2014, there will be an estimated 600,000 individuals eligible for health insurance Chicago.

Though there are some benefits to health insurance, some residents are still skeptical about its policies. Some are worried that they may not be covered at all. If this pushes through, all we can hope for is the best for our health insurance Chicago.

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Importance of a Good Quality Locksmith Service

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Your car is a form of investment. It is important that you keep it safe at all times. This is the reason why a good locksmith service is important. It is your one defense against any malicious activities that may harm your car. Aside from your automotive insurance, protect your car with a good locksmith service that would last for how many years.

Other Reasons why you need a Good Locksmith services

If you are in the automotive buy and sell business, it would be good business to assure your clients of security for their car. For people who easily forget their car keys, a good automotive locksmith can help you make a spare key if you have any emergencies. Misplaced car keys can easily be replaced with a local car locksmith service. As you can see, a good locksmith not only protects your car but it can also help with your emergency locksmith situations

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Outsourced IT Support Service for your Business

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Outsourcing your IT support service is the most cost-effective answer to your business’s computer and network questions. From small to large scale business, it is an initiative to employ the best IT support service in the market. We know how important technology is to your business, which is why our IT support specialist does the best to maintain, repair and install all your IT support needs. We offer a large range of services such as:

1. Setting up your business’s network and administration for effective onsite IT support service. Our offsite IT service include website maintenance, email administration and other online tasks for your company.

2. If you have any IT-related problems, our technicians can effectively troubleshoot, repair and properly maintain your IT support service whether you have a small or large scale network.

3. Protecting and storing your business data is a top priority. Our IT support service offers quality data backup and recovery that will help you protect your essential business information.

Outsourcing your IT support service is something you really would need to think about. Not only will it be easier to manage, you can also save money with our affordable packages.

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Digital marketing, making your customers see you without getting out of their chairs.

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Digital marketing has revolutionized the way we send out information to our customers in this time and age.

We used to rely a lot on high traffic areas to place our ads and had to counter stiff competition by coming up with larger ads with louder colors to the point where it becomes garish. Through the years we’ve seen all sorts of promotional materials from something as small as calling cards being handed out to customers to flyers and even tarpaulin ads as big as the buildings they’re attached to!

The good thing about digital marketing is that we can pinpoint what our customers need from the behaviors they display while online and provide that much needed service they’re looking for and multiplying the chances of them clicking on a targeted ad and getting what they need from us.

And you know what’s best about it? They don’t have to get up off their chair just to see us!

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chiropractor New York

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Some things just can’t be ignored like a pain in the neck! Literally and figuratively!

If you’re feeling chronic pain not only in the neck but in other parts of your body like your back and other extremities, maybe it’s time you consider having yourself looked at by a chiropractor.

Now, if you’re looking for the best chiropractor, New York is the top destination to find the best practitioners in the field.

We provide the best treatment in the market today! We also believe in providing fast treatment to help you get back to your feet and concentrate on living a life free from pain.

You will also be attended to by top of the line experts whose years of experience will help you correct any linear deviations or posture imbalance that may lead to the pain you’re feeling right now.

Let our expert hands take care of you so you can say goodbye to those bothersome kinks and live a fuller life free from pain today!

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