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How to detect if /dev/* is a USB device?

I spend a lot of time in finding out how to detect if a device is a USB device. The reason behind is that not all USB sticks tell that they are USB sticks. By using the debugger I discovered … Continue reading

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Now also on twitter!

Since today I’ve opened a twitter account. You may follow me here:!/known_issues

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IP tables forward port / Mail port forward

In this tutorial / report I’m going to show you how could still use a mail server even if your provider has blocked the mail outgoing port 25. I did it with iptables. My solution is a “port forwarder”. Just … Continue reading

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Modrewrite without www to with www

Every time when I register a new domain the first thing that I do is to setup a new rule in my httpd.conf file. I redirect the domain from without www to with www. I do it because I would … Continue reading

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Hitachi Dekstar Deathstar / PCB swap

About one month ago I had some serious problems. One of my most important HDDs crashed. A few days before it crashed I noticed that the performance of my system was really slow. Start-up of my system took much longer … Continue reading

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Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA) @ Windows

If you ever tried to compile QCA at windows you’ll find some trouble while compiling. I wrote some note list together with my German friend. I don’t remember fully all issues may ask assistance at  PHP Programmierung. Here is our … Continue reading

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QT detect event windows

By last week had some very frustrating problems about QT. What I would like to do is to detect if a USB stick is plugged and then write a file on it. On Linux totally no problem but on windows … Continue reading

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Buildroot pciutils & HAL

A few days I had some issue with buildroot that took a lot of time of me and my developer friend. The problem was the HAL manager detects the vendor but couldn’t print the name. By doing some reseach in … Continue reading

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