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QT Network (QNetworkAccessManager)

If you get ‘QNetworkAccessManager: No such file or directory’ during build you have to add: QT += network (in your *.pro file). Check this pages to find out why:

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Simple XOR encryption

To protect your code against wannabee hackers you shouldn’t write anything important in clear text. Encrypt it and decrypt it again using bit flip also called XOR. Sample Codes: C++: for(int i = 0, y = 0; i <= strlen(data); … Continue reading

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QString to WORD / DWORD

The solution is very simple: WORD programming_org = “abcdef”; QString programming¬† = “abcdef”; WORD programming_word = programming.toAscii().toLong(0,16); qDebug()<< programming_org <<” ^= “<< programming_word;

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QString write to file

Yesterday I did a lot of research about how to use a QString as input of file.write(). All what I found was stupid recommendations to do it with QTextStream but I didn’t like it (code looks ugly :D). So what … Continue reading

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