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Linux HDD error

By today my ubuntu system clained: “Fehler zu beheben, I für Ignorieren, S, um das Einhängen” So it looks like my HDD crashed but I don’t know what to press because the screen is cut. By looking at ubuntu lang … Continue reading

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Install command QT4 for Ubuntu

If you would like to compile some QT4 project at ubuntu you could download the IDE from or you could download the needed libs by typing: apt-get install libqt4-core libqt4-dev libqt4-gui  qt4-dev-tools As always don’t forget to press “+1” … Continue reading

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PXE server / DHCP + buildroot client

This week I created a custom linux for on one my clients using buildroot. In my buildroot system I needed to have an internet connection. So what I did is I configured DHCP3-Server and the other remaning stuff. What I … Continue reading

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DHCP3-server Autostart

If you find my blog you’re maybe very frustrated already about dhcp3-server and auto starting it. Please note that my “howto” requires that your dhcp server starts manually already. If it doesn’t start manually of cause it wouldn’t even start … Continue reading

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