“Download unsuccessful” Android Market

“Download unsuccessful” Android Market , 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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Yesterday I tried to download some applications with my new tablet and I always got: “Download unsuccessful” and in status there was also a notice that Gtalk doesn’t work due to some errors.

After a few tries I got it fixed. Let me tell you how:
1. Open Menu
2. Find “Settings” and open it
3. Select “Applications”
4. Press “All” on the top menu
5. Now select Market
6. Click “Clear cache”
7. Now go back and select “Download Manager”
8. Click “Clear data”
9. Go Back and do the same with   Google Talk, Checkin Service and Browser
10. Try if it works

11. If it didn’t work you’ve to “Clear data” at “Google Frameworks”
12. After clicking “Clear data” you’ve to restart your tablet otherwiese your tablet will say unexpected error and market will not start

Finally it should work 😉

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