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Root access Buffalo Linkstation

First of all you need a tool called “acp_commander”. It’s a small java commandline script. So you’re going to need java installed. You could simply check if you have it installed by entering “java” in your cmd.exe. The following commands … Continue reading

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Linkstation duo red light

If you’re in a hurry scroll down to “how I fixed it“. Today we revived two hard drives that we ordered for using our “Buffalo Linkstation Duo“. After building them in and following the instructions it didn’t work. What happened … Continue reading

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How I fixed my S1200BTL / Amber blink or on / Screen or graphic problem / BMC fix

Before you start reading my story and doing it by your own you should really know what you’re doing. I’ll take no warranty if you damage your hardware! I had a lot of issues with one of my home servers. … Continue reading

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In honor Kim DotCom Megaupload / Megavideo

A few days I was trying to watch some videos hosted at Megavideo the video didn’t load. I just thought it’s another issue of my provider. But then the next day I read in the news that Kim DotCom was … Continue reading

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Call of Duty Black Ops Backup HowTo

Some of my friends asked me to do a research why there backup of the Wii game “Call of Duty Black Ops” isn’t working. They told me that after “loading…” there wii gets stuck and they game won’t start. No … Continue reading

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Upcoming project

The last few weeks I was working on developing some Firefox extensions. I found out that it’s pretty hard to find code snippets. What you’ll find are just some general information like which methods exists for a Firefox class. But … Continue reading

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Now also on twitter!

Since today I’ve opened a twitter account. You may follow me here:!/known_issues

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Hitachi Dekstar Deathstar / PCB swap

About one month ago I had some serious problems. One of my most important HDDs crashed. A few days before it crashed I noticed that the performance of my system was really slow. Start-up of my system took much longer … Continue reading

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