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Install command QT4 for Ubuntu

If you would like to compile some QT4 project at ubuntu you could download the IDE from or you could download the needed libs by typing: apt-get install libqt4-core libqt4-dev libqt4-gui  qt4-dev-tools As always don’t forget to press “+1” … Continue reading

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QT Network (QNetworkAccessManager)

If you get ‘QNetworkAccessManager: No such file or directory’ during build you have to add: QT += network (in your *.pro file). Check this pages to find out why:

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QString write to file

Yesterday I did a lot of research about how to use a QString as input of file.write(). All what I found was stupid recommendations to do it with QTextStream but I didn’t like it (code looks ugly :D). So what … Continue reading

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Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA) @ Windows

If you ever tried to compile QCA at windows you’ll find some trouble while compiling. I wrote some note list together with my German friend. I don’t remember fully all issues may ask assistance at  PHP Programmierung. Here is our … Continue reading

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QT detect event windows

By last week had some very frustrating problems about QT. What I would like to do is to detect if a USB stick is plugged and then write a file on it. On Linux totally no problem but on windows … Continue reading

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