HUAWEI E220 MCN Mobile Partner

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Today I got my new “HUAWEI E220 HSDPA UMTS 3G USB Dongle modem“. I plugged my Talk ‘N Text SIM and tried to send a SMS but it wasn’t successful. I always get “sending / message failed”. So I took a look at the settings of the software that comes with (Mobile Partner). The so called “Message Centre Number” was not set and that’s why it didn’t work at all.

Depending on your SIM you should enter the right data. I’ve listed some filipino data centers:

+639180000101  (Smart/Talk ‘N Text)
+639180001467  (Red Mobile)
+639990001801  (ümobile)
+639150200003  (Islacom)
+639170000130  (Globe/TM)
+639220001501  (SUN)

So now I could text and get messages. The only thing is the balance inquiry function. After doing some reseaches I found the command for Talk ‘N Text:

STEP 1: Type ?15001 or ?15005 <- (Questionmark is important will fail if you skip it!)
STEP 2: Send to 214

Get your balance details such as free texts, unlimited text expiry and of cause load balance,…

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Android (angry birds) not compatible with your device Solution

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Today I’ve tried to install “angry birds” on my WonderMedia WM8650 trough market. Additional to that I’ve to say that I’ve flashed my device. I “installed” Universal Uberoid HoneyCombMOD. The reason for that is quiet simple. In the so called “app market” that comes with firmware you can’t find the application you need. It’s some kind of a “fake android market”.

Now back to the main topic. I’ve tried to install it and I get an error:

“This item is not compatible with your device”

android not compatibleBUT! That isn’t true. I’ve another WonderMedia WM8650 which comes with Angry Birds.
So I tried to bypass it and I found some ways.

For both solutions  you need the following things:
1.) PC with internet connection
2.) MicroSD Card
3.) MicroSD Card reader for PC

Solution 1:
1.) Search for “angry birds apk download” on google and download it.
2.) Use the MicroSD Card reader and copy it to your SD card
3.) Plug MicroSD Card into tablet and open the file trough a Android data browser like “File Expert”.
4.) Search the apk file that you copied and open it.
5.) The installer will ask for permission. Grant it and it should work

Data browsers on android look like that:

Solution 2:
1.) Go to:
2.) Install the APK (look at solution 1 if you need help)
3.) Now open applanet in your tablet and you could install “angry birds” over it

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Unmount SD card Android

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Today I was asked what’s the correct way to remove an SD card from an android tablet to prevent data loss. If you don’t remove it that way Android will also display you a note:
“SD card removed unexpectedly”

Before you unplug your SD card go to:
Menu > Settings > Storage > Unmount SD card

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“Download unsuccessful” Android Market

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Yesterday I tried to download some applications with my new tablet and I always got: “Download unsuccessful” and in status there was also a notice that Gtalk doesn’t work due to some errors.

After a few tries I got it fixed. Let me tell you how:
1. Open Menu
2. Find “Settings” and open it
3. Select “Applications”
4. Press “All” on the top menu
5. Now select Market
6. Click “Clear cache”
7. Now go back and select “Download Manager”
8. Click “Clear data”
9. Go Back and do the same with   Google Talk, Checkin Service and Browser
10. Try if it works

11. If it didn’t work you’ve to “Clear data” at “Google Frameworks”
12. After clicking “Clear data” you’ve to restart your tablet otherwiese your tablet will say unexpected error and market will not start

Finally it should work 😉

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There are no android phones associated with this account. please sign in with a different account

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A few weeks ago I imported a cheap android tablet from China. I started it clicked “app market” and tried to find my favorite applications such ask skype, fring,… but it always said “not found”. So I opened the integrated browser and tried it. I got:

“There are no android phones associated with this account. please sign in with a
different account”

“Mit diesem Konto sind keine Android-Telefone verknüpft. Melden Sie sich mit einem anderen Konto an.”

I tried a lot but didn’t get it solved easy. I found a lot of instructions all about cache:!category-topic/android-market/technical-help/RKJGH-84uOc

But that didn’t really solve what I was looking for so I started to do more researches on it and finally I found it out 😉 The thing is that the solution to fix it isn’t that simple so I decided to create another post for it to take care of every details. Check my next post 😉


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mkdir(): Too many links in * on line *

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By now I’m working on an foto upload script and encountered the following error:

mkdir(): Too many links in * on line *

When I took a deeper look at it I discovered sth:

shell # ls -d */ | wc -l

my command counts all (sub)directories in the current directory

Then I typed that number into google and found the following:
“You can’t have more than 31,998 subdirectories in any given directory on an ext3 file-system.”

So as I look it the issue could just be resolved be improving the directory structure.
If you have another idea just leave me a comment 😉

Another way to resolve it would to mount the data system as ext4.
But sure you should convert it first. Be sure that you’ve a backup before you migrate to ext4 file system. It also resolves the issue because ext4 doesn’t have such limits.
Sadly for migrating it you’ve to unmount it,…

So far that are all possible solutions 🙂

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Boonex Dolphin extending default modules,…

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Since many years we’re working with Boonex Dolphin. In the beginning it was a bit messed up but the new versions are really different. In old editions dolphin 6.x modules wasn’t really useful. If a client requested a change we had to do it in the files of the system. The result of that was that there’s a lot of merging to do when an update comes out.

In 7.x & 8.x it changed. Modules could really modify a lot,…
That’s already great but there’s a hook in it. You can’t extend a module with another one.
It’s needed quiet often. An example would be:

You would like to create a module which adds additional payment providers to the default payment module provided by Boonex without modifying the Boonex module,…

In that case you have to integrate your changes into the Boonex module. That’s a bit disappointing. Maybe it will be fixed soon.

Just one more thing to other Boonex Dolphin developers:
The community of users is quiet big but there are only a few developers who share their knowledge.

So if you have a question you might leave us a comment 😉

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Call of Duty Black Ops Backup HowTo

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Some of my friends asked me to do a research why there backup of the Wii game “Call of Duty Black Ops” isn’t working. They told me that after “loading…” there wii gets stuck and they game won’t start. No matter how long they stay the Wii on. The “loading…” screen will not disappear.

I solved it that way:

1.) Custom IOSX Installer v.rev 20b
2.) Copy it to your SD card in the folder “apps”
3.) Start Custom IOSX Installer v.rev 20b trough Homebrew Channel
4.) Install it IOS 249  & IOS 57
5.) Configure in game settings of USB loader if needed

6.) Enjoy that your game works 🙂

Took some pictures for making it more easy to follow my “how to get it work”:

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Apache (bug) Killer – urgent security issue!

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By now I read some news that should be shared to all web developers.
There is a newly discovered hole in apache sources. It can bring apache down and force you to restart the service.

It’s done by partial get/post requests. Details could be found here:

But don’t worry, there’s a hack how you could prevent this on your server. Simply add the following snippet to your .htaccess:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP:Range} ([0-9]*-[0-9]*)(\s*,\s*[0-9]*-[0-9]*)+
RewriteRule .* – [F]


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Linux HDD error

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By today my ubuntu system clained:

“Fehler zu beheben, I für Ignorieren, S, um das Einhängen”

So it looks like my HDD crashed but I don’t know what to press because the screen is cut.
By looking at ubuntu lang files I found the whole sentence:

“Bei der Überprüfung der Festplatte auf / wurden wurden Fehler gefunden.
Drücken Sie F für einen Versuch den Fehler zu beheben, I für ignorieren, S um das Einhängen zu überspringen oder M zur manuellen Wiederherstellung.”

So F is for repair 🙂

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