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A few days I was trying to watch some videos hosted at Megavideo the video didn’t load. I just thought it’s another issue of my provider. But then the next day I read in the news that Kim DotCom was arrested and the websites has been suspended by the FBI. That’s a sad week. One of the world’s biggest websites for online streaming and file-sharing is down.

It’s the next big strike against online streams after “” a website for online streams. In case of it went well. After a week a new website called appeared. Sure for some people the story of didn’t go well they got arrested and have a pending case.

In case of Kim DotCom it’ll be taking a very long time and it isn’t said that he’s really responsible for this but the music industry reached their target already. As I see it for them it doesn’t matter how the case ends. There target was to stop those sites even if just for a limited time.

I’ll be keeping an eye on it and being excited to know what will be the outcome. To honor the services of Megaupload / Megavideo I’ve embedded the MegaUpload song:

For the people who don’t know Kim. The corpulent man with the headset is him.


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