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If you’re in a hurry scroll down to “how I fixed it“.

Today we revived two hard drives that we ordered for using our “Buffalo Linkstation Duo“.
After building them in and following the instructions it didn’t work. What happened actually was that a red light appeared at function.

The Linkstation takes a few minutes to start up. You could see it by looking at the leds. When it starts the blue light blinks. After it’s done starting the light turn blue permanently.

At that point holding the function button doesn’t install the firmware in any way. Inserting the CD and trying to install it will lead into “setup could not be completed” but you could run the software and see the output. In my case I a note that the Linkstation is in EM-Mode.

Ok enough storry telling now let me tell you how I fixed it:

Make sure that you know what you’re doing. You’re responsible. Unplugging the power cable at the wrong time may cause a bad state of your firmware which require some effort to fix.

1.) Download the windows firmware update tool from buffalo:

2.) Make some modifications in the LSUpdater.ini:
add this at the bottom:

VersionCheck = 0
NoFormatting = 1


3.) Open it and access the options menu by clicking the icon:
4.) Open Debug and check the following boxes:
5.) Wait and don’t unplug the power!
In my case it took about 15 minutes. The info/error led blinks orange while the flashing is in progress.

6.) Result:
7.) Give this post a 10 star rating!!!

Hope this is helpful and what you’re looking for.

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